We're excited to be able to offer an affordable and memorable experience for your guests. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in various cuisines, styles, themes, and occasions. We are committed to bringing you the best experience possible on your special day!

Corporate Events

Events need to be memorable and we can help you make that happen. We're a catering service that specializes in corporate events and we're great at making it happen. We can do anything from tasteful small gatherings to high-scale events so let us know what you need and we'll make it happen!


You know we cater for the hospitality industry and the like, and you know we do a good job of catering and food preparation. But who would have guessed that we also provide a service catering for those with dietary requirements? Yes, we provide specialized catering to those with allergies or those on strict diets.


23 Years of Catering Excellence

In business for over 23 years we pride ourselves in providing a classic assortment of food options updated to meet the current trends in cuisine. As a full-service catering company based in Montreal we are able to handle events of all sizes no matter your needs.